A Prince of a Showrunner

If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Jonathan Prince speak about the art and science of being a successful showrunner, then we would like to remedy that by sharing audio and video of Jonathan.

It used to be all a showrunner had to do was come up with a great idea and deliver for a network. Now, showrunners need to be nimbler, quicker and ready to execute across all platforms. In short, they have to evolve. Jonathan Prince has done just that, building on his base as a showrunner for network and cable series including Emmy-winning American Dreams and The Cleaner and as the EP for scripted Web series including Novel Adventures.

In his insightful NATPE 2010 session, entitled “The Next Generation Showrunner” Jonathan shares with NATPE attendees what’s required for a new-generation showrunner to write, produce and helm network series and also handle those same responsibilities for companion Web series. One of his secrets… being an able translator between everyone on set.

As our holiday gift to you, order the session podcast. Don’t forget to use promo code PODCAST to get it for free.